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Every month we will pick one member from the mailing list to receive a FULL extensive reading; detailing your Manifesting Blueprint

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Names listed here; pls give feedback on your mini reading? Did you identify with it?

Carah Sanders -"Rosemary’s mini reading was far from mini!! so much helpful information and exciting to learn about! loved my reading and it resonated very much."

Amber Salembier "Thank you so much!!! That was an incredible information and very accurate especially about my soul group. I had to laugh as some of the information was bang on!"

Lisa Chapman "I was really pleased to have won these readings.  I got Energy centres 3 and 5 and star groups Polaris and Mission Realm and I have to say a large portion of all of them were pretty spot on for me.  Definitely in depth and insightful information shared in an upbeat manner.  Highly recommended."

Diana Mejia Kjellgren "Dear Rosemary Worsley, Thank you for sending me an email of the soul realignment. The two different Energy Chakras I was sent very much resonates. I am a healer and a teacher. That was spot on. I’m still listening through the tracks of all the different types of energies. I just wanted to send a post of a thank you.

Christi LaFave "Rosemary Worsley, I would like to take a moment to say thank you so very much for the soul realignment reading. The amount of information was incredible and I was very shocked at how much it resonates and how spot on it was. I'm so very grateful to have been given this and it was way more than I expected. Each one had such detailed information, it was just so amazing and insightful. Gave me goose bumps. Thank you!!!" 

Stefanie Rimmer-Comeau  "The positive in the fourth category is being non judgemental. So true!!! Friends tend to open up to me because of that! It also stated I may get resentful if I’m not given the same as I give in relationships.. this is also very true… Blunt communication DOES get me in to trouble sometimes as mentioned Divine Truth! All of the info sent was very interesting and eye opening. I learned a lot of myself and can’t disagree with any of it. Thank u for your time and gift, much appreciated !"

Jimmy Simonis "I would recommend Rosemary Worsley for any readings you would like. They are almost always on the dot and can give you insight into your life. The Akashic mini reading resonated a great amount and also matched with characteristics I have as an individual. Thank you again.

Jill Carson "Thank you Rosemary Worsley for my mini reading on my soul gifts, skills and talents from Creator! I definitely resonated with all of it! The amount of information is very helpful in understanding the "why" behind a lot of things and gives me tools to move forward!! Thanks again!!"


On a recent live talking about Categories/energy centres

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