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Higher Self Surprises

Only recently I was highly delighted and grateful for HS for a lovely surprise. I have been wanting to do a 'side hussle' for some time and was ready to invest a lot of money just to get my hands on some software, that would make my dreams and aspirations a reality

I had been wondering why I hadn't got on with things, like HS was distracting me, pointing me in different directions. Then suddenly (out of the blue) on a certain forum a member contacted me whom I had never had any previous contact, asking me if I wanted access to this software for a *swap* on some training courses I had.

Talk about auspicious timing, I was absolutely gobsmacked how HS oracherstrated all this, just for me. This person had somehow (found a backdoor) into their system. I didn't really ask to many questions as I didn't believe he could do what he was suggesting.

There is no mistake why I am drawn to post certain things on my facebook groups and just recently I posted this from Dr Eric Berg

What I did get from watching this was the natural remedies for rosacea thyme, Sage, garlic, ginger and take probiotics. Last third of eyebrows is low thyroid issue – take extra iodine

This again is a *nudge* from HS trying to help and point me in the right direction and I am Sooooo aware of these nudges, ideas, inspirations. You should be too.

Last Xmas, HS somehow managed to change my wallpaper on my PC. It was in response to continual PC problems, hooks, cords, negative attachments seemed to be persistent for some reason. HS does protect my aura and body really well but when they (entities, hooks wanderers and lower vibrational ppl) they seem to go for the next best option, whatever is close to me, usually my PC, laptop etc. So literally, Xmas day, I booted the PC and was quite shocked to see this new wallpaper. So, needless to say any hint of a problem I do send my thoughts out to Michael to check over my router, pc and wires.

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