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Natal Chart Interpretations

Natal Chart Interpretations

You do need a fairly accurate Time of Birth for these readings.

So what is required
1/ Date of birth
2/ Place of birth; City/State/Country
3/ Time of birth

These readings are live with you on Zoom video, recorded and a copy sent to you, probably with a download link from google drive

Ask as many questions as you like when live or in advance of. Astrology is more of a form of psychology. What makes you tik, how you think, feel, and express yourself. Please remember Astrology does not *reliably* predict  your future.

Three most important things in your natal chart are Sun, Moon and Ascendant.

I am fully qualified Professional Astrologer and qualified to teach in adult education in UK. I also have a Facebook group. Learn Western Astrology Discussions. There is an enormous wealth of information, books and data in files on my group for everyone to download

As part of this offer I will send (via email) you TWO FREE PDF books by Linda Goodman; Sun Signs and Love Signs

All purchases are final and no refunds are given or cancellations accepted. thanks

This listing is for entertainment purposes only.





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