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Whether just feeling uncomfortable with the energy in your home or business its important to feel aligned to it for best results. Improving your connection creates far greater results for family and businesses. Our houses and businesses hold an energetic vibration and energy that can affect how we function, think and feel. When things start to go wrong in family, relationships and business it's well worth investing in a clearance.


If a relationship starts to breakdown with arguments and discord or a business starts to fail; the building and/or home holds this discordant energy and it can literally become seeped into the walls, structure and lingers far long after the problems do. It can hang around like an invisible bad smell.


Are you aware that your property home or business has it's own Akashic record? We can access this just like your own personal Akashic for readings. We only need the full postal address including any postcodes and country of course.


Ask yourself some questions:-

  • Do you feel stuck energy in the property or workplace?

  • Do some areas/rooms feel colder than others?

  • Do you feel completely settled and at home where you live? does something just feel off?

  • Have you had nothing but problems since you moved into the home or business?

  • Have you lost motivation in life? relationships & work can easily be affected

  • Hard to diagnose health problems

  • A feeling that nothing is going right, problems just keep coming in one after the other?

  • Do you want more abundance, peace and prosperity in your life?


If you property is not selling it's well worth considering a 'house clearance' many potential buyers are and can be very sensitive to energies in a home.

So, having this done can really help clear any discordant energies and actually help sell your property.



Land assignments: Sacred burial sites/battlegrounds/burial grounds

Earthbound souls



Independent negative thought forms

Anger spears

These are the bare minimum but we can do so much more

With this session you receive:

  • In depth explanation of things we search for and how they came about.

  • A summary report listing all negative blocks that were found and cleared.

  • A copy of the actual tailored clearing request that we perform that will keep the property energetically clear and aligned with its occupants.

  • Directions on how to keep negative energy away that (on our website) gives you lots of ‘Great Tips’ to help you keep your home and/or workplace energetically clear afterwards.


You must be financially responsible for the property, either mortgage, rent or full ownership.

This offer does not work on public spaces.

Also this does not include removal of magic spells, potions or removal of entity attachments


Our service is very fast, effective and detailed report about all our findings



These are all emailed and no hard copy is available or posted.

We are very confident once you have price checked with competitors that you will come back for a 'fair priced' professional quick service.


This is a paypal link in which you can pay by credit/debit cards £35.00 GBP.

Pls remember to add price & enter what you are purchasing in box as shown

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