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There are some really clever innovative people on this planet at this time and a lot of them that are on the pathway of spiritual growth and self development industries. So anything that promotes or integrates Higher Self and improves communication is really going to peak my interest and desire to help others.


This NEW system has been devised by Christopher Duncan from Australia's Gold Coast and he has over 15years experience in multiple modalities and it seems extremely beneficial quick and easy way to makes changes in your life, health in fact all areas of life.

Whilst I would love to study full time (which takes about a year) and is very extensive and expensive, I don't have the £530 per month in short change laying around to book myself on the course. There are lots of Chris's video's on the forum to explore.

I have read his book You're Not Broken and if interested in acquiring a copy just email me. Also I have some of his mentors and teachers books to see where he has adapted things into his system.

This system really lends itself to group coaching sessions, because you can coach 100  just as easily as 10 using just the same amount of time on platforms like Zoom. It's marketed as a *business in a box* and really sounds fantastic. 

However, now with my own skills sets I have managed to learn and understand some of his protocols (obviously not all, but enough). He calls Higher Self; Superconscious I suppose it sounds little posher or better than just plain old Higher Self, it's really just semantics, no difference. He also refers to the *unified field* which MY Higher Self assures me is Humanities Collective Consciousness, based between 5-6th dimension. So why connect to HCC in these sessions? Well it's bit like a massive database where every conceivable problem has been asked and answered. So, whilst connecting to *YOUR* Higher Self (with permission of course) I would also ask that it connects to HCC if it feels it needs additional help or answers.

I have invested in a smaller module for the RE code part and hope to offer a few free sessions on our groups. So we are very excited about this new development and are learning at 'super speed' to build the protocols properly and effectively

There really needs to be a *frame of reference* for how/what is being done and being a Hypnotherapist shall start here. Hypnotherapy is asking your Subconscious mind to let go of past events/trauma and any subsequent triggering. But you do need to get to the 'original' event/trauma as a start point. It's well known that your subconscious mind is about 90% of makes up the total you and is very powerful. Only about 10-12% is your conscious mind/ego. The job of your subconscious mind is to keep you alive AND keep the *status quo* it really doesn't like or want change.

So your Higher Self (or Superconscious if you prefer) has some of it's energy in your body, we all have. My understanding is we are all born with around 10-15% and this grows as we age and develop.


Your HS will have the last say on *most things* in your life and is super powerful, more so than Subconscious mind. Most of it's energy stays in 5th dimensional ether, as it could be managing various shards/splinters of itself all over the world. But as and or when a shard shows lots of spiritual promise and development will begin to start collapsing various timelines and invest more of it's powerful energy (aka I AM PRESENCE) into the body to experience itself going through Ascension and probably not for the first time either.

Your HS is continually talking, nudging you is it felt in your solar plexus aka seat of your emotions and the forum has a board dedicated to just this topic, so feel free to explore.

Being a Medium and highly clairaudient and having fully integrated my Higher Self into the body (in readiness for my own Ascension) we have some unique skills that can compliment and add to some of these protocols.


It's not just ME waving a magic wand it's a joint effort and you do need to get YES/NO signals from your own Higher Self, preferably full body movements.

Whilst this is still very much experimental, I am looking to try small size groups to *test out* the protocols and see what results we can get together.

The first I'm going to try is health.


Firstly, for physical pain, anywhere in the body. We will ask you to RATE the pain level between 0-10 

You will be led into a mediation, visualisation exercise where you need to see AND feel the end result of whatever changes you are wishing to make. 

Whilst I will say out loud some directions, a few of the protocols will be said telepathically directly to your own Higher Self

Then after the session will ask again where you are on the scale of 0-10 to see what improvement has been achieved.

Secondly, a general/various illnesses which don't really need to be named (at this stage)

(Disclaimer; we will never suggest not taking medically subscribed medications. We do not claim any health benefits and this is for entertainment purposes only)

Pricewise, (TBC on application) these will be very reasonable (whilst we are in the learning phase) but will increase over time to reflect expertise. They will be small group sessions done on Zoom

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Fear of failure - Part 1 Rapid recode session 2nd August 2021

General Recode - Part 2 Rapid recode session 2nd August 2021

I am reliably informed by my Higher Self, that watching these two RE code session replays will have the same effect as being on the live, so sit back, relax and go into a meditative state and go with the flow

Most of the instructions were said out loud BUT there were a few *codes* which I transmitted telepathically direct to the members Higher Self and this should still work on the replay.

Pls remember I am highly Clairaudient Psychic Medium

Fear of failure 

Self sabotage recode

Pain and/or illness

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