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Akashic Reading

Akashic Reading


This Akashic reading is the combination of Soul Profile Reading and removes ALL Blocks Restrictions and is called "Soul Realignment®"

The reading includes:
Part 1: Soul Profile
We are all here for a particular reason. When you understand yourself, you start to piece together your purpose.

* What is your galaxy of origin?
* What gifts and challenges do that bring into this incarnation?
* What category/energy centres are your most potent & where do your most substantial gifts lie? What challenges may you face with these powerful energy centres?
* Your God spark(s) located, which allows for an additional flow of vital source energy from Creator? Do you have candidacy for a second God spark?
* Are there any of your God sparks damaged?
* How many guides do you have?
* Are any of your guides negative and need to be cleared from your team?
* How many white lights do you have? Once you get to 30 you start attracted blue lights which act as amplifies to the Universe. Do you have any blue lights?
* How many shields of protection where you born with? How many do you currently have?

Part 2: Blocks and Restrictions
Warning: This part of the reading is not a feel-good reading. It is a tool for shadow work to investigate the unconscious and see what may be blocking your right now. It is not something you may easily resonate with or digest quickly. It is meant to go deep and requires a lot of honesty with oneself as well as letting go of "egoic attachment." This sort of reading and want dive deeper into your unconscious then this reading is perfect for you on your journey! I am very practical, and kind and I don't believe in blame, shame, or guilt as tactics for spiritual evolution. Everything that is showing up is divinely guided for your highest good.

In the Akashic Records, we take a look at your physical, mental, and energy body and see what blocks and restrictions are currently affecting you.

This reading is great if you don’t have an awareness of exactly why you feel the way you do, and may need some additional help looking through your field to see exactly what is going on.

Additionally in this reading, I take a look to see if you have the following:
Are there any tears or scars to your Auric Body?
Any distorted or missing memory in your Akashic Records that is disallowing your divine truth to come through?
Are there any attaching souls draining & depleting your vital source energy/life force?
Are there Anger Spears directed at you or from you?
Any Earthbound Spirits affecting attached to your auric field draining your vital source energy?
Are there any compassionate connections that are taking energy from your life force?
Do you have any vows or contracts affecting your current life experience?
Do you have negative portalways open right now affecting your life experience?
Are you engaged in any negative astral travel affecting your sleep patterns & life experience?
Do you have any negative bargains affecting your Life experience?
Do you have any etheric or physical implants?
Are you engaged in any negative thought forms or independent negative thought forms given with keywords and ages for you to identify the trauma/upset?


How much of your mental energy is being taken from you daily due to these blocks and restrictions?
How much of your emotional energy is being taken from your daily due to these blocks & restrictions?

This reading will most probably be pre recorded, (but could be live depending on time constraints) include your Past Life story/s that come up directly related to these experiences. What choices and decisions you made that could well be repeating in this lifetime.

You will receive a Streamyard/Facebook or Zoom (or similar) recorded reading approx 1hr and a copy sent to you to download your reading, via Mega link or google drive link


You will always be given the oppportunity to ask questions and get further clarification on your reading, either via email, messenger.

You will receive a 21-Day clearing protocol to clear out the energy of your blocks and restrictions. Soul loss restoration (if any) to watch 1x for seven days.


Added Bonus: Private links to my website with passwords for further research on this modality


All purchases are final and no refunds are given or cancellations accepted. thanks







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