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Clearing Prayers to Remove Blocks & Restrictions

Clearing Prayers to Remove Blocks & Restrictions

Things like vows, bargains, contracts, constraints are all held in our Akashic records that are probably still running and affecting you in a negative way now.


Also things like earthbound and/or attaching souls show up

Negative thought forms, Independent negative thought forms

Negative unjustified karma can carry over from past lives and still be affecting you now


Memory loss, added; clouded or highlighted

Physical or etheric implants

Negative astral travel – improves sleep cycles

Compassionate connections

Adds more *spheres of protection*

Removes all negative guides and reassigns them

Closes all open portalways to stop ppl & entities leaching your vital source energy

What it cannot do/perform
What this reading does not offer is what your Divine Soul’s gifts are from Creator.

What soul group you originated in

How many white & blue lights you have

What your soul vibration is

How many spirit guides you have; how many positive how many negative guides

 Any Godspark damage or candidacy for second Godspark

Are there any ‘blocks to truth’ like a shell or light power imaging

Are you a positive or negative soul

It cannot call back to you any *soul loss* done in past lives through trauma

% Mental Life Occupied:
% Emotional Life Occupied:
By the total of blocks and restrictions present running from past and current life


I have to mention these are for entertainment purposes only.

Payment is final, no refunds are given.






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