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FREE How to Become an Amazon Trader

FREE How to Become an Amazon Trader

Step by step approach 4.5hrs of videos to watch. I am not an affiliate with these people, I do not get any financial aid or assistance whatsoever.


I have pulled all this together so you can evaluate and get insight into what it takes to become an Amazon trader. Tips and tricks and how to’s.




Module 1

$100k Amazon Blueprint

Module 1: $100k Amazon Blueprint

This video will break down the exact figures and blueprint behind making your first $100k selling your own products on Amazon. Once you’ve finished this, you’ll have complete clarity on how many products you need to find, brand & sell.


Module 2

Module 2: 4 Stage Amazon Business Evolution

Learn the 4 stages that your Amazon business must go through to go from an idea into a fully fledged ‘mini empire’ that produces more income than 90% of small businesses. This will give you a roadmap that you can follow from startup to established business.

If you’re ready to start building your “mini-empire, go to
LINK to start your 14 day FREE trial of our full flagship program, Ignite”.


Module 3

‘Fuel, Find & Fire’ Research System

Module 3: ‘Fuel, Find & Fire’ Research System

This video will show you, over-the-shoulder, the entire process that we use to repeatedly find profitable, low competition products we sell on Amazon - use this to find your first products the right way (you’ll know what to sell after you watch this).

Grab our full set of research tools and training here by starting your 14 day FREE trial of Ignite


Bonus #1: Product Cost Calculations

Product Cost Calculations is the spreadsheet that will quickly enable you to calculate the costs & profit of ANY product on Amazon. This will tell you exactly how much a product will make long before you ever consider investing any money into it.


Bonus #2: The Product Blacklist

We’ve compiled a list of products that you MUST never, ever sell. This will help to 100% make sure that you avoid costly mistakes and get you on the right track to awesome product selection.


Bonus #3: The 5 Figure Amazon Listing Checklist

If you want to make the maximum amount of sales possible on Amazon with your product listing, you need to have a reliable template that will get you results. This is it!


Bonus #4: The 12 - Week Year Masterclass

An exclusive training where we share one of our all-time favourite concepts that can help you achieve more in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months, both in business and every area of your life


Bonus #5: The Business Book Vault

This is a detailed list of the business books that have taken me from Government worker to entrepreneur, and how they can help you too.


List of free books included are TWELVE and click funnel books equals FOUR.

This is my bonus to you all, not given in original offer/broadcast


download the zip file. Please understand you will need to UN zip to access the files. thanks


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