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Manifesting Blueprint

Manifesting Blueprint

These are for discerning peoples who want to EMBRACE the human experience as the Soul's chosen playground for Divine self-expression.  Living our Divinity means that we cannot ignore essential creative aspects of our humanity, such as money and sexuality. 


After all, our Soul chose THIS experience.  To call any aspect of it "un-spiritual" is to negative the Soul's choice to be here!

You will discover detailed information such as:

  • How interaction with others can serve or hinder us, depending on our design for manifesting.​

  • Our exact "change process" when we want to manifest new results into our experience.

  • How we self-sabotage by using the wrong motivation to move forward towards our goals, depending on our Manifesting Blueprint.

  • How certain societal principles present a direct opposition to how some of us are designed to manifest our experience.

Our Manifesting Blueprint is not a recipe that tells us exactly which actions to take.  Instead, the Manifesting Blueprint gives us a more effective framework to help us make our choices and navigate our manifesting process.


Think of each comparative as a “filter” that we can use to refine our choices, so that we can more effectively create what we want.


We are here to experience ourselves and create. When we are in full alignment, we can manifest the highest potential of our vision. When out of alignment, we get stuck, nothing seems to be working for us. What we desire ends up being a disappointment, a nightmare and can cause frustration and even depression.  

Your Manifesting Blueprint is stored in the 7th dimension of the Akashic records and is the roadmap on how we design and experience our divinity. 

Your Manifesting Blueprint is stored in the 7th dimension of the Akashic records and is the roadmap on how you best create and experience your divinity.

There are 7 comparative’s that we look at to that determine your manifesting blueprint and every human has a unique blueprint.

1. Similarity vs Contrast Comparative

2. Process vs Outcome Comparative

3. Internal vs External Comparative

4. Consistent vs Variable Comparative

5. Re-Inventive vs Innovative Comparative

6. Instigative vs Reactive Comparative

7. Integrative vs Reactive Comparative

The goal of this reading is to unlock your unique blueprint and provide a pathway and framework to move towards your goals.

We decide how we experience life, whether it be through ease, joy, abundance or struggle, and strife. The more we understand how our choices affect us, and how we best operate, the better we can create strategies that enhance our success.

What does this report entail?

- Your unique Manifesting Blueprint filled with detail information on how you manifest.

- A guide to show you where you are right now in relation to your Manifesting Blueprint

- A Manifesting Blueprint Cheat sheet Custom to You

You can ask up to FIVE questions within 7 days of receiving your report

Price £40.00 Introductory offer plus special bonus

(confirmed after payment)

These are *extensive* and are around 12pages A4 Word doc, which is emailed.

If you would like live 30mins zoom video talk (recorded & sent) pls add £10 extra

If you would like a monthly *revisit* to check how aligned you have/are become to your manifesting blueprint please book & email £10 state on paypal REVISIT. thanks



Reminder: These are for entertainment purposes only


All purchases are final and no refunds are given or cancellations accepted. thanks






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