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Money Astrological Report

Money Astrological Report


Money is a unique and original report that highlight the riches inherent in a Birth Chart. It has often said that money does not bring happiness. It can ease some hardships, but on its own money does not make a person happy.


Neither does money make a person feel rich. One person can feel wealthy with very little money, while another feels poor with a great deal. Money worries do not seem to subside when more is accumulated: in fact they often increase. This report has highlighted some of the indicators in your Horoscope that point to your inborn relationship to money. How do you feel rich? What do you need in your life that is of true worth? Are you able to attract material wealth if it is important to you?

The areas covered in this report include:

  • Introduction

  • Your Money Temperament — Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Signs.

  • Your Relationship with Money — Venus in Signs.

  • Your Personal Income — 2nd House Cusp Signs and Rulers, 2nd House Planets.

  • Your Shared Income — 8th House Cusp Signs and Rulers, 8th House Planets.

  • Your Fortune — Part of Fortune in Signs and Houses.

  • Conclusion — This report has been written so that it can be easily understood by astrologers and the general public.


This approximately 20 page + report is from the professional Solar Writer Suite written by astrologer Stephanie Johnso. Your report will be emailed to you in a colorful PDF format within 48 hours.

Please provide the name, date, time and place of birth that you will be emailed on completion of payment.


Bonus: Free 50+ downloadable zip files for Astrology books


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