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New Paradigm MDT Master/Teacher

New Paradigm MDT Master/Teacher

Basic Teacher Master Workshop

This workshop enables those who have done the Basic Master workshop, or Teacher workshop to pass on the Basic Master workshop and the Basic Master Teacher workshop. Many people find this workshop gives them a lot of self confidence in talking about the New Paradigm MDT system and the Shamballa energies even if they have no wish or intention to give workshops themselves.


It can also be useful for those who give sessions and share the energies with others in that way for this reason.

This is Basic Healer Teacher incorpoates Level 3 & Level 4

These are offered as Distance Attunements and incorporates a Certificate and Manual, showing the lineage. Plus 20-30 minutes live tuition, discussion & training on Social Media


Please note: having these Attunements means any prior attunements, like Reiki, Karuna, Golden Ray, Sei Kem will be cleared before installing the new higher frequencies of Shamballa/Mahatma


Our rates are very competative, for example in UK £500 for two day workshop for Basic Healer and same for Teacher/Master. In USA is approx $700. We feel confident after you do price comparisons you will come back to order. You can always message and free chat to see if this is appropriate for you.


    £350.00 Regular Price
    £249.99Sale Price
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