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8 Ways To Connect And Align With Your Higher Self

Did you know that connecting with your higher self is something of a paradox? Many people in the world today are living blindly. When one is lost from their path they tend to aimlessly seek their false higher self. When people feel so disconnected from life, people, and their callings they change directions over and over without thought. Essentially many become fearful and anxious about life without knowing why, and this disconnection is a primary root cause of the present rampant pandemic of stress-related issues that persist.

With all of this in mind, the objective of this article is to provide guidance to help you align with your higher self through the knowledge you will acquire and the innate ability to recognize this connection when you achieve it. Once you align in this way, you are forever empowered. This allows your life purpose becomes clear and your life begins to embrace a flow of grace and ease. I believe that we all have spirit guides but it is when one cultivates a relationship with your spirit guides you will receive clear, wise direction to help you in every area of your life.

Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher Self There are really so many benefits of connecting with your Higher Self including that this connection empowers you to perceive from a Higher Divine perspective, to clearly know your best steps, and to simply observe your present situation from the lenses of Divine Love, from Higher Knowing and Divine Truth. What is your Higher Self ?

  • Inner Self

  • True self

  • Authentic self

  • Spiritual self

Your higher self is your soul and is also known as your spirit side that resides within the non physical realm. It is a belief held and created ages ago by western society. According to this belief, the Divine self is the self that exists in every person ever born at an even higher level than the soul. Your Higher Self is none other than the REAL you. It “speaks” to you solely through your intuition. You will know this whenever you get intuitive nudges, that you are “hearing” it directly.

Is My Soul And Higher Self Different? No. They are one and the same! Some people like to make distinctions between the soul, spirit and the higher self. The higher self is the part of you that has access to all the knowledge accumulated over the course of lifetimes that your soul has lived in the past up until the present on this planet.

Discovering Your Spiritual Nature/Side Basically, before we're born, all of us have a purpose and each of us set an intention for our life and connecting with our higher self can help us lead us to that purpose and live life with the most joy possible!

What is your spiritual side? Your spiritual self is you in your most natural and uninhibited form. It is the authentic self, the unconditioned part, the "you" without adopted patterns. This is personal for each of us, so no need to get caught up on the language. The feeling you experience when you access your Spiritual Self is important. 8 Ways To Connect To Your Higher Self Below I have put together eight simple suggestions to utilize to help you discover your own spiritual path.

  1. Meditate

  2. Set your intention.

  3. Feed your mind.

  4. Practice being still every day.

  5. Don't neglect your meat suit.

  6. Approach your practice with conscious intent..

  7. Watch for signs.

  8. Connect with your tribe.

How Can I Hear My Higher Self? There is no right or wrong way to experience your Higher Self, but once you start to pay attention and become more aware through meditation you until you'll eventually be able to discern it. Your Higher Self is probably speaking if you notice any of these five characteristics:

  • Calm and centered. ...

  • Seeing with compassion. ...

  • Long-term focus. ...

  • Win-win outcomes. ...

  • Strong boundaries.

  • Positive emotional nature

How to Know You are Connected to Your Higher Self Your higher self is the spiritual YOU, when you are tuned into it, you will feel:

  • A tingling sensation

  • Trusting (even when going through a difficult time, like an audit or caring for a sick loved one).

  • Ear popping

  • Vertigo

  • An inner peace, calm, and understanding.

  • Sensitive to signs the Universe is sending (symbols, numbers, etc).

  • Intuitive (think: intuition, ‘gut feelings’ or strong feelings about people and/or situations).

  • Tuned into to your higher purpose or goal in life (and less likely to get caught up in the little things).

Working On Connecting To Your Higher Self You’ll know you need to work on connecting with your Inner Being when you feel disconnected, indecisive, or caught up in the little things and unable to see the bigger picture. When you journal, you allow your soul to subconsciously get in touch with yourself on another level. Journaling is one of the only places where you can completely be "you" and say whatever is on your mind and that’s really beneficial when connecting to your inner self. There's a stigma attached to being aware or spiritual But I love to say that there is nothing wimpy about being spiritual. The higher self is the main factor that sets the tone for raising higher consciousness levels.

The Higher Self can feel and see positive energy even in any negative situation. If you are feeling peaceful, joyful, grateful, wise and compassionate you are most likely in your higher self. If you listen your intention will tell you. Remember the ego tends to cause fight or flight responses like shallow breathing and clenched muscles. When this happens your muscles and emotions are making you subconsciously aware to help you understand the voice that is speaking to you. These two things will be of immense assistance during your journey to aligning with your higher self!

  1. Meditation: Frequent meditation is key towards achieving a connection with our spiritual self. ...

  2. Surround yourself with positivity : staying in tune with our spiritual side means that our spirit is always lifted up and we are at peace.

Overall, with an increased consciousness our higher self becomes naturally positive and automatically looks to find what is right or what is good in all the people and all circumstances.

This is apart of the high self-awareness process. In other words, learning to recognize the difference between higher self and ego self is key. In my own experience I have found that it does get easier over time. Today, I can say that I now know that voice without a doubt. You can learn to detect it too. Perhaps you will identify it by a quality like peace, or space, or calm. Some people experience their Higher Self as a kind of intuition, or even an actual voice inside their heads, telling them what to do in critical moments. Others see pictures that contain intuitive knowing about a situation.

There is no right or wrong way to experience your Higher Self, but it is important to pay attention until you are sure you can discern it. Then you can learn to listen to it. This level of attainment also shifts our relationship with the ego. The ego self is not really concerned with our happiness or our spiritual development. As we become more aligned with the higher self we understand that we have the ability to interrupt the ego's story. Ultimately the Higher Self can be the dominant voice we hear

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