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Itsu Sync - Brainwave Entrainment

Discover a New Revolutionary Technology

Keeping your brain healthy, strong, and balanced is the key to living a happy life. Itsu Sync has the Technology and Science to allow you do this. Itsu Sync uses binaural beats to rebalance and strengthen your brain, bringing brainwaves back into perfect balance. Through its advanced brainwave entrainment audio, Itsu Sync provides solutions for dozens of issues affecting your health and wellbeing. Are you suffering from poor sleep, anxiety, depression, lack of energy and focus, headaches, or addiction? Almost everyone is,to some degree. Itsu Sync provides the solution.

Itsu Sync can expand and enhance your mind, increasing your intelligence and your ability to learn. It’s also a world-class meditation tool. Take your brain to levels you never thought possible with Itsu Sync.

Itsu Sync is designed for everyone!

Please Note: I am not an affiliate with this company and therefore do not make any money recommending this modality.

The Itsu Sync Pro set is the ultimate brainwave entrainment package, including our full set of Itsu Sync CDs and specialized binaural headphones. The CDs include the full range of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma frequencies which are able to balance and restore all the areas of your brain providing complete brainwave synchronization. Also included is a pair of our high quality binaural headphones, specifically designed for playing binaural beats and low frequencies precisely. The Itsu Sync pro package is an all-in-one solution which can improve sleep, meditation, focus, concentration, and energy, reduce anxiety, depression and so much more. Itsu Sync works through the use of binaural beats which mimic your natural brainwaves helping to realign them with the correct frequencies that Itsu Sync creates. When your brain becomes underactive in certain areas or overactive in others it becomes imbalanced and creates the wrong frequencies. Itsu Sync corrects these imbalances providing complete synchronization of your brainwaves. Your brain is broken into five major sets of brainwaves which we have recorded on four different CDs. Below are brief descriptions of each CD and the major benefits they each carry. A full list of benefits of this brainwave entrainment package can be found further down the page. You can also view the individual CDs for more detailed descriptions. Delta/ Theta: Your delta and theta waves are the brainwaves primarily used for sleep and this is why they are grouped together on the same CD. If you experience insomnia, poor REM, restless sleep, migraines, or wake up feeling tired in the morning you most likely have overactive delta or theta brainwaves. The Itsu Sync Delta/ Theta CD will balance these brainwaves fixing these problems and more. Alpha: Your Alpha brainwaves are the middle ground of your brain and the area where most problems can occur as they border the theta and beta brainwaves. They are the base for your mood, focus, meditation improvement, energy, and ability to control your anxiety. The Itsu Sync Alpha CD is the best to start with for balancing your brain for specific issues or just general improvement and well-being. Beta: Your Beta brainwaves are the upper end of your brain and are in control of the majority of your higher level processing and concentration but also work closely with your alpha brainwaves. They are key in keeping a good mood and preventing depression. They are also the center for learning, concentration, focus, and memorization. Using the Beta CD will improve all these aspects. Gamma: Gamma brainwaves are the highest level of brainwaves but are not always active and need to be supported by your other brainwaves. To achieve high gamma waves you need to have a strong foundation for your delta, theta, alpha and beta brainwaves and when you do you can really take your brain to the next level. Gamma brainwaves are for the highest levels of mental activity which improves the same areas as your betas but better. They also improve your active processing which essentially means your brain will work and think faster. -Each CD includes 4 tracks each 15 minutes in length for a total time of 1 hour per CD. Benefits of the Itsu Sync Pro package To improve certain aspects of our brain we may only need to balance a specific area such as our alpha brainwaves but other areas require all parts of the brain to be balanced to achieve the best brainwave entrainment. In the benefits below we will list the benefits along with the corresponding brainwaves that are involved. Meditation:Using binaural beats for meditation is one of the most popular uses; meditation can actually use all the different brainwaves including the delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma brainwaves. The base of meditation starts with the delta and theta brainwaves and works up to the gamma brainwaves which are the most difficult to maintain but carry the most benefits. The lower ranges like delta/ theta are best for beginners but also crucially important for even the most advanced mediator as they will support the gamma waves in higher states of meditation and consciousness. We suggest you use all the CD's for enhancing meditation starting with the delta/theta, alpha and beta to create a solid foundation and then using the gamma binaural beats to bring you into the highest meditative state.

Improve sleep: Using Itsu Sync binaural beats for sleep is a quick and simple way to improve your quality of sleep. Whether you are experiencing insomnia, restless sleep, light sleeping, poor REM, or are waking up fatigued, using a combination of the Itsu Sync Delta, Theta and Alpha CD's can solve these problems quickly. The Itsu Sync Delta/ Theta CD balances you brainwaves so you experience a deep restful sleep while the Alpha CD leaves you feeling alert and well rested in the morning. When you are well rested your body will have more energy and eliminate fatigue or brain fog which many people experience on a daily basis.

Improve Studying, Learning, Concentration, Focus, Memorization, Problem Solving, Intelligence & Active Processing: Improving and enhancing all these areas actually requires all the different types of brainwaves to be balanced and active for the best results. While this type of brainwave entrainment is normally only associated with your beta and gamma brainwaves, your delta, theta and alpha brainwaves actually provide the foundation and improves your unconscious memory and ability to learn. Your unconscious memory relates to how well you retain nonspecific everyday information. The beta and gamma brainwaves are the next step as they will speed up how fast your brain functions and actively increases your higher level mental activities.

Increase Energy: Having strong beta and gamma brainwaves will give you a natural clean feeling bodily energy which keeps you alert and energetic throughout the day. Your beta and gamma brainwaves are the ones that should be dominant when you are awake but for many people they are lower than they should be with overactive theta brainwaves that leave one feeling lethargic. The reason why things like caffeine work to increase your energy is they increase your beta brainwaves, although this is only temporary and your beta brainwaves will crash after a while. When you use Itsu Sync binaural beats for energy you naturally raise your beta and gamma brainwaves to a level you can sustain to keep that energy all day long.

Reduce Anxiety & Depression: The key to treating anxiety and depression naturally is by balancing out your alpha and beta brainwaves. Both these aliments are caused by low alpha brainwaves with overactive beta brainwaves, which is why they usually occur together. Using Itsu Sync binaural beats is a simple natural anxiety and depression treatment that you can start immediately to balance both the affected brainwaves. Using the Alpha and Beta binaural beat CD's will start to balance the affected brainwaves but we also suggest using the Delta/ Theta CD for support as it will improve the effectiveness of the Beta CD.

ADD& ADHD: Children or adults who suffer from ADD or ADHD are experiencing the same type of imbalance which occurs with poor concentration and focus but to a greater degree. The main difference is that in this case their beta brainwaves can be so low that their theta brainwaves can actually be higher than the alpha and beta brainwaves. This is a huge imbalance and will take a lot of brainwave entrainment to correct but results can be achieved. All the types of medication used to address ADD and ADHD actually work artificially to hyper-raise the beta brainwaves. This is an unstable and unsustainable method and is not a permanent solution. It will take a lot of sessions for the effects of Itsu Sync to soak in but eventually the theta brainwaves will start to drop to their correct levels while the beta brainwaves will begin to rise.

Pain Relief for Headaches, Migraines & More: Your brain is the control center for your body’s hormones and endorphins which is why you can receive natural pain relief through balancing your brainwaves. Headaches and migraines are linked to your theta brainwaves so through balancing them your body produces the natural hormones to create endorphin releases that will reduce pain naturally.

Improve Mood, Become Content, Calm & Reduce Stress:When your brain is balanced and functioning correctly you will be happier and more content. This comes from a combination of your body now producing the correct hormones and balancing out any other related imbalances in your delta, theta, alpha and beta brainwaves. While specific brainwaves are more related to your mood, almost everything can affect how you feel including anxiety, depression, insomnia and more which is why it is important for your full brain to be balanced.

Addiction: Regardless the type of addiction--internet, gambling, food, substance abuse, or anything else--it all comes from an imbalance in our brainwaves. Overactive beta brainwaves are what create addiction as these are one of the brain’s fastest functioning brainwaves. This overactivity is what makes the mind start to obsess and create the addiction. Using the Itsu Sync Beta CD will balance the overactive beta brainwaves slowing them down to their natural levels. When your beta brainwaves are back within their natural range addiction will start to fade away.

Prevent Mental health disorders and Diseases: Mental illness is one of the most damaging diseases, whatever its dimension--Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, or any other serious mental illness. Using Itsu Sync for prevention is the best treatment but Itsu Sync binaural tones can also be used to help people with existing conditions. It is important to balance the entire brain to help prevent mental deterioration. This can be accomplished by using the Delta/Theta, Alpha and Beta CDs daily to keep your mind clear and functioning optimally.

Self Hypnosis for Affirmations:You can use Itsu Sync for self-hypnosis to create affirmations. The reason Itsu Sync works is it stimulates the correlating brainwaves allowing your subconscious to bring these affirmations into reality. This is controlled by your Delta and Theta brainwaves and can be achieved simply by listening to the Itsu Sync Delta/ Theta CD and saying positive affirmations to yourself.


Itsu Sync technology is based around binaural beats, also known as binaural tones, so it’s important to know how binaural beats work.

Binaural beats work through the use of auditory tones that, when heard, stimulate the brain. A binaural beat is created by playing one specific tone in one ear and a slightly different tone in the other ear. The difference between them is the binaural beat or binaural tone.

For example, if you play a 210 Hz frequency in your left ear and a 200 Hz frequency in your right ear we create a 10 Hz binaural beat, 210-200 = 10. The 10 Hz frequency is what our brain interprets the sound to be. You must use headphones for this effect to be created.

The majority of our brainwaves fall between 0-40Hz so we can use binaural beats to stimulate the correlating brainwaves. As you saw in our example, if we are producing a 10 Hz frequency we are now stimulating the alpha brainwaves. This works because when we hear a certain frequency like 10 Hz a unique phenomenon called "frequency following response" occurs. What takes place when this occurs is that our brainwaves’ frequencies will start to move towards the frequency being produced. This process is a form of brainwave entrainment which is used by Itsu Sync.

Why do we need Bi

Naural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment

Our brains do not always stay balanced and once unbalanced it can be very difficult to get our brains working correctly again. For example, our Alpha Brainwaves keep us calm, relaxed, energetic, and happy while normally functioning between 7 Hz and 13 Hz. Unfortunately, they do not always stay in this range; stress, poor nutrition, trauma, and other outside forces can cause our brainwaves to misalign. This can cause your Alpha waves to possibly be at 5 Hz or even 2 Hz. When our Alpha waves drop like this we will lose energy and focus and become anxious, stressed, and more. When our brainwaves fall out of their natural ranges we no longer have a happy balanced brain and problems will occur.

Using Binaural Beats can stimulate these poor functioning brainwaves and move them back into their correct ranges. Binaural Beats can be used to stimulate certain brainwaves by raising them to a higher level or calming other brainwaves by lowering them down into their correct levels. It is important to understand that while we want our brainwaves operating in their "normal ranges", it is possible for brainwaves to become inactive and too low. It is also possible for them to become overactive and too high . When certain parts of the brain become overactive or underactive problems occur. What you want to achieve is a "balanced brain" and that is what Itsu Sync helps you create.

I have these set of audio's so if anyone interested pls PM me

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