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AO Scan Biofeedback Tech - Healing

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

This is THE state of the arc, biofeedback handheld machine available. Ideal for those already in holistic, alternative, or traditional healing/medical profession (like doctors & nurses)

The sessions we are currently offering are starting with Inner Voice scans.

For this we require a:-

1) recent selfie, head and shoulders only, preferably with plain background.

2) DOB

3) current age

4) weight

5) height.

6) email address to send your results

Normal price will be £25 ( $32 approx) but introductory offer will be £15 ($19 approx)

So, what do you get for this price, email report for downloading, tones and pulses specific to You, which you can play 2 to 3 times a day. This will bring you body back to homeostatus.

If you would like an Inner Voice Scan for once a week for two weeks, to see how your body has changed and improved. Instead of £30 introductory offer, just send £25

If you would like a Inner Voice Scan once a week for Four weeks, to see how your body has changed and improved. Instead of £60 introductory offer, just send £50

If you would like an EZ Scan, you will get a browser link to listen in your browser to your inner voice scan tones & pulses AND

Vitals report which includes:

1) Food sensitivities;

2) chakras; meridians;

3) Gastrointestinal Functions;

4) Nutritional Analysis;

5) Physical Functionality;

6) Toxicities

7) Comprehensive Report with pictures or table report (excel sheet)

EZ Scan = £25 Introductory offer = £15

Body Systems Report covers; They all have suggestions and ways to improve all categories













Body Systems Report = £25 Introductory offer = £15 (does not come with Inner Voice tones/pulses)

Includes - 26 pictures attachments and one excel sheet

Link to view online in your browser.


Please scroll down towards bottom. Thanks

These machines are ONLY available via affiliates so please contact me for a link and/or chat

You don't even need to purchase a starter pack (but it is advised to get the most benefit from the system) monthly fee of $149

I purchased the starter pack (below) at $300 + $149 monthly fee + $40 shipping = $489

This technology is always updating and recently Loren (founder & CEO) added MINDSYNC This is so powerful!

Record your own AFFIRMATIONS and listen to them with frequencies, and binaural tones that bring your mind into a meditative state with background music of your choice! Adults can record these for children if they won’t do it themselves. The program provides the affirmations for you!

This mode/section has PRE set affirmation lists, which YOU speak out loud and record, then playback AND email to yourself to keep repeating as the device will not save them.

There is SO much to this AO Scan technology, will post some pictures of OUT OF THE BOX

You can even SCAN your medication, vitamins and supplemenets and the machine will tell you what your body *requires* and when

For example the 660 red light band.

660 Band

Boost your circulation with the 660 Band!

What if you could have more energy, your physical wounds could heal faster, your brain was sharper, and your heart was healthier?

Proper blood circulation is essential for these and every other function your body performs. It supplies every organ with oxygen and the nutrients needed to maintain optimal health. The 660 Band was designed to primarily impact the bloodstream using 660 nm and 605 nm red lights.

How it works:

The band is placed on your wrist, like a watch. The red light lamp beads in the band face the inner wrist where the blood vessels come closest to the skin surface.

You have a major vein and artery that runs down the wrist. They then reach the distribution of blood in the hand and circle back; thus, creating two major pathways of blood by the wrist’s surface. Additionally, because the vein and artery return, they pass by again, making four key touchpoints.

About Infrared red light therapy:

Each lamp bead in the band can emit visible red light; three are 660nm and three are 605nm.

  • 660 nm red light:

    • Targets acne *

    • Rejuvenating the skin, (stimulates collagen activity) *

    • Visibly targets blemishes and other signs of aging. *

    • Assists pain relief - joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, nerve damage *

    • Supports vasodilation – opening up blood vessels (good for circulation in general, relief for the heart) *

    • Supports blood cell function. – ATP process, formation of new blood vessels *

    • Increases the absorption of skin care products by enhancing skin permeability. *

605 nm red light:

  • Reactivates nutrients – methyl blue – reactivating the electron as it passes through the red light (amber). *

  • Reinforces blood plasma – 605 supports the attacking of viruses and bacteria toward their death. *


  • Comfortable and flexible watch-like band

  • Rechargeable battery

  • 6 red lights: (3) 605 nm and (3) 660 nm

  • Battery time: four, 45-minute sessions

  • Band automatically shuts off after 45 minutes


  • Charges with a USB-C

  • On/Off Switch

  • Watchband with clasp

  • The band has been proven to be safe, painless, and has no side effects.

  • Drug-free

  • Red light casing measurements: 7 cm (L). 5 cm (W), 2 cm (H)

  • Band measurements: 19.5 cm (L), 2 cm (W)

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

SEFI dots

The new and improved way of imprinting is here! Solex SEFIdots are programmable discs with a holographic image, printed on a foil back and encased in a silicone bubble.

SEFIdots are not your regular pre-programmed patches. These discs give you full control! They can be programmed with the specific energy frequencies you need that can enhance your body’s own energy field. With SEFIdots, it really is all about effective programming for your specific needs. Now you can take your optimization with you all day, everywhere!


  • SEFIdot: Printed on a foil back and encased in a silicone bubble

  • Patches: medical-grade adhesive


  • 60 dots (to hold the frequency)

  • 60 patches (to secure the dot)


  • Customizable. Provides full control of scanning and imprinting experience

  • Quick Start guide included

  • Works along all SEFI Programs

  • Specifically designed to receive imprint

  • Works with NEW ‘SEFIdot’ AO Scan feature

  • Non-allergenic, skin-safe adhesive patches

Imprinting Instructions:

  • Imprint SEFIdots using the ‘SEFIdot’ application in the SEFI portion of the AO Scan program.


  • After imprinting, adhere SEFIdots to the skin, making certain the skin is clean, free from oil, and dry. Then, place the clear, adhesive patch over the SEFIdot.

  • For best dot placement, refer to the diagram in the SEFIdots portion of your AO Scan program. For ideal results, remove and discard after 72 hours (about 3 days) of use.

SEFI Module:

  • Can be used with all SEFI features in the AO Scan Technology, especially the new ‘SEFIdot' section.

  • NEW SEFIdot feature: There are 12 programs specifically written and programmed for the discs. The programs will support allergy defense, arthritis, cellular restoration, energetic balance, clearing and shielding, energy and endurance, immune defense, mood, pain, perfect body, sweet dreams, and youth eternal.

  • In addition, after running a scan, you can take your SEFIdot and put it on the screen to optimize. All those frequencies will go directly into your disc. You can then wear it and bring your optimization with you all day!

The Lightwave Optical Colored Lenses are made for indoor and outdoor wear.

Size: One size fits most adults.

Frame: Round


  • Green

  • Lime

  • Yellow

  • Gold

  • Red Orange

  • Orange

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Blue Turquoise

  • Violet

  • Purple

  • Magenta

These are worn for 15mins per day on the results of your Innver Voice scan which will recommend which colours (usually 2)

There are so many things that can be done with this technology, for example you can scan your Vitamins, medications and supplements into it and 3x check what *your body* requires and not what you think it should have.

You can program spaces like your house, for abundance, wealth, health, you can send it to pets. Photograph your bedroom and create a playlist for sleep, healing, love and gratitutde.

Disclaimer: This is not a medical device and no claims are made here as a legal requirement. Nor do we accept any responsibility for results, even though we feel sure you will be amazed and surprised at how quickly your body can/will respond

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