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As young people, our first love is the most amazing feeling ever, we are consumed by it, want more and more of it and (mistakenly) think its the other person giving it to us, spoon feeding love, sending us this amazing feeling of love.

When in reality, it's more like allowing the flow of a waterfall, to suddenly erupt in life, vitality, in our nervous system, the emotions are heightened like never before. If you have ever been in a long distance relationship, or perhaps just seeing your loved one once a month or once a week even, those 'love feelings' don't disappear. We don't need to be 'with them' to feel those feelings. There are inside of us already, but we have just 'flipped a switch' to allow more flow, so the waterfall can become unhindered and go back to our 'natural state' which is Love and a flowing waterfall.

However, over time this flow/waterfall can start to slow down into a river or small stream or even dry up completely. Then we long for those wonderful love feelings of Flow again, to be in love again.

Obviously, this can happen over time within marriages or any long term relationships, life just seems to get in the way, we go to work, come home have some dinner, watch bit of TV then go to bed. Repeat next day and next day. Life gets boring those waterfall feelings have slowed down to a trickle or maybe even stopped altogether. Then we may think the grass is greener on the other side. Suddenly, someone pays us more attention, a compliment or flashes a wonderful smile at us or does bit flirting. It ignites deep within us those long almost forgotten feelings of the love of the waterfall. So, sometimes we chase the dream, chase the waterfall.

If we were only taught how to 'tap into' the Love, the waterfall from a young age, we would know what this natural loving state felt like and how to stay connected to it. Unfortunately, it's not until we get older and wiser that, after a few failed relationships it's not just being in love that makes a relationship successful. It takes work, effort on both sides, time and trust. If you were to bake a cake for example, you would still new a few ingredients and of course to crack an egg or two.

Now the good news is, you can GO within and reconnect to the love and the waterfall, but it takes little time and effort. The only way is through proper intent, meditation and connection to your Higher Self, your Angels, and /or spirit guides. There are plenty of ways to do this, you only need to go to Youtube and look up a guided meditation to connect to these vibrational states.

By sitting quietly, you may even find your HS, angels and guides are ready waiting and wanting to connect to You. I would strongly suggest and would prefer you connect to your Higher Self as this is your Divine Connection to source energy, the other two are something external. The whole point of doing this is to connect to your 'source energy' of which your Higher Self IS that energy. HS is that being that created you, is you, and is already inside of your body, where all the love is ready and waiting for you. How wonderful is that?

Incidentally, Spirit Guides numero uno job is to actually connect you to your Higher Self and let's not forget your pre birth contracts and agreements. The vast majority of these is about Service to others and soul growth. The lessons your Soul wanted you to focus on in this lifetime.

So, knowing that you are not half an apple or orange for me brings comfort and reassurance. Knowing that the other half of me is already inside my body tapping you on the shoulder saying, "I'm here waiting for you." Are you listening. It's really not that hard as Higher Self is continually connected and speaking to us every day via our emotions, our solar plexus our gut instincts and intuitions. We just don't recognise this as being Higher Self but just another of our five senses, which is a shame.

Little exercise which is extremely simple is ask Higher Self just before dropping off to sleep for a *Love blast* or even to dedicate a song. It may not happen first night so be consistent in asking. These songs are usually a romantic ballard of Love; love for you and should bring a lump to your throat and a tear in your eyes. Just remember to say, "thank you."

You can also ask for full body phsycial signals to communicate directly to Higher Self and we have a full dedicated board on our forum to cover ALL aspects of Higher Self.

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