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Fountain of Youth & Transiting Pluto

Once us ladies get to a certain age, weight gain seems inevitable, things start sagging, falling south. The face changes shape quite a lot, somehow it seems we could be morphing into our mothers. When I look in the mirror I can hardly recognise myself from what I looked like five or even ten years ago.

Next year transiting Pluto starts going over my Ascendent and I can feel the effects of it approaching now. The Ascendant is the physical body, the packaging, how we present ourselves to others. This is a long range transit over 18months to two years. Not everyone will get this happen to them astrologically of course.

Pluto conjunct 1st house cusp or the Ascendant • You’re able to be real you, at last • Claiming back your Power after some crisis! • Total transformation of your personality and appearance to reflect what’s inside • New deep psychological insights help you in your life path • Experiencing deep transformation at the core of your personality • Asserting your will in a good way • You can achieve feats of will power, which you never believed possible • Metaphysical insights keep coming and guide you. • Interest in the occult and hidden side of life. • Your ability to focus becomes magnified • It’s possible to find your destiny during this transit • Nothing short of truth will do now • Healing after catharsis

So, already I want to start changing my appearance, face, body. I've lost a lot of weight (actually fought quite hard at this) so I can get in most of my wardrobe. I was toying with the idea of *if I ever get enough money* would have a 'face lift' kind of thing.

I've wanted my teeth and bridge renewed for some time now as the old gums have receded and I can see where the bridge meets the tooth/gumline. So, some time ago I asked my dentist how much it would cost to have the top six done and got bit of shock as he quoted £6,000. Now just before he retired this year, Higher Self gave me the idea of asking a different question ie: "How much would it cost to have my three bridge, made into a five bridge." The answer back was also a bit of a shock, just around £1,000 so a massive difference here. This is another example of HS dropping ideas into my conscious mind and helping me.

I have just within last few weeks had my eyebrows done, I was going for microblading initially, but was talked into another proceduce which was less painful, healed quicker and lasted longer (around two years). So, now they are settling down look great, for the first time in my life I actually have eyebrows. The last third was always missing, which I believe is related to thyroid problems. Although not officially diagnosed, it's always been sluggish and had massive problems trying to loose weight. I have never ever plucked or shaped my eyebrows asw there never seemed enough of them and tried using eyebrow pencils and little tricks of the trade as us ladies prefer to call it.

Next week, I having a little botox around my eyes and forehead. I am not having any kind of fillers done but am quite excited about this. A friend told me of a quote in her area of around $320 just for one area. So, when I got to my eyebrow lady, simply asked if she did or knew somene reputable. Of course she did and her price for three areas ie: both eyes and forehead quoted was just £120 which I thought was pretty reasonable. So, again HS got me to the right place, right people to help me achieve my desire at minimum cost.

Now, I have heard and knew a thing or two about *microcurrent machines* that make the muscles on your face contract. But before I get there, having a little internal moan about my face HS found me very cheap online course YOGA FOR YOUR FACE about 60-70 (30 second videos) howing how to improve and lift hard to get at muscles. This is Free for members on the forum here who register on a private board (due to copyright) obvs. So, this was HS first attempt to help me remedy my desires.

radio frequency v microcurrent machine

So, next I was drawn to youtube channel called "10years younger" and was rather impressed with two machines he promoted. One was RF (radio frequency) which produces heat into the lower dermis, encouraging your body to make more collagen and same time having a tightening, lifting effect. The next machine was a microcurrent machine, I decided to go for a popular make here in UK called, "Rio 60 Second Face Lift" and of course HS found the cheapest available, with interest free payments spread over three months.

So whilst struggling with loose skin after weight loss I am hoping the RF heat machine will help tighten some body abdominal skin, hips and under arm areas. So watch this space.

Whilst make up/foundation is a great concealer, next on my wish list is some laser or IPL treatment for roseacea. I've not long finished a four month course of low antibiotics from my GP which has most of it settled down. But am rather self conscious of this and am looking at venues and prices to rectify this issue.

So, whilst all this may well sound like a massive moaning session, I am trying to explain the value of connecting to your Higher Self and how your HS can and does help you all the time. You just need to look for signs, ideas, people you speak to. Synchroisity, being in the right place at the right time.

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