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How to connect to your Higher Self

I consider this probably THE most important part of everyone’s development and progression in life. Guides come and go but HS never leaves, always loves and adores you

I didn't develop and open up my mediumship until early 40's and have had many guides at the beginning of my journey, it was quite annoying the coming and goings.

Source energy (aka HS) will always fulfil your hopes expectations. If you think and want a native American Indian, HS you will get one. If you want a Tibetan monk then you will get one.

Being a Taurean I needed stability not a high turnover of guides coming and going. So, my HS was gently making me go inward to connect. You can outgrow your guides AND their main job is to connect you to your Higher Self ultimately.

My HS is now my Guide and gatekeeper and anyone in spirit has to get past my HS, it always helps me with all the mediumship readings, health matters, advice on most things actually.

I had a member recently ask me how to astral project out her body. So, my response was, “Ask her Higher Self” if you do not connect and get permission and ask for assistance you can keep practicing for years. If HS says nope then nothing will ever happen


We have all reincarnated at a very special moment in earth’s (humanities) history. We are well overdue for a ‘solar flash’ that could literally wipe out all surface earth dwellers

Most people knew this before incarnating, BUT huge caveat coming here, to actually take your Ascension you have to have fully integrated your Higher Self into your body

If this has not happened, you won’t Ascend. Simples, end of story

That’s fine not everyone will go to the new earth in 5D, that is your Free Will and sovereign choice.

The majority of people go the route of connecting with a Guide and that’s fine, I did too. But the main purpose of a Guide is to eventually connect you to your Higher Self.

Higher Self is NOT external of you, (like a guide) it resides in your body/vehicle it IS your God spark, divine essence, part of Source Energy. Whatever word you want to use is irrelevant.

Jesus spoke of ‘the father’ God and said he doeth these works through me, but not from himself.

This is exactly how I work. My HS is fully integrated and allowed full expression to be of Service to others.


Your Higher Self (God spark) will guide, show, and open doors for you in the direction you need to go. You can fight against this with Free Will. But eventually, you will go the path you intended either now or in the future as per your pre-birth contracts

With Free Will you can cancel out pre-birth Contracts and Agreements but why would you want to. Your Soul chose this life to learn certain Life Lessons with certain people for its Soul Growth.

So, by cancelling those Contracts you are denying that opportunity to yourself.

You may well have to reincarnate to do it all again as you did not fulfil your Soul’s Life Purpose

Not everyone will develop psychic or mediumship abilities as maybe in a past life, you have been there, done that and therefore do not need further lessons in that direction.

Please remember your Higher Self will have the last say of whether you develop (or not) AND on most things you do. Again, HS loves and adores you and only wants the very best for you


My answer to you is that even now you are constantly listening either to your ego or to the Higher self. Your higher self is the real you, the soul consciousness that is much more than the physical form you know so well. The constant chatter in your mind is that of your ego and the hunches or intuition, flashes of thoughts and little voice guiding you are that of your higher self.

The new born baby when in comes into the world from its celestial abode is unblemished and is in constant contact with the higher self.

However as time flies, due to the worldly ways the individual begins to lose contact as the Ego begins to take control and the Higher self is relegated to the background.

We now come to the important question of what needs to be done to have communication with the Higher self. In order that we once again begin to listen to the higher self we need to observe our thoughts and empty the trash accumulated by the Ego and allow the Higher Self to manifest its eternal presence in our consciousness and in that process begin to raise the level of consciousness itself.

We can do this by meditation or visualisation techniques or numerous others mentioned elsewhere.


It is always with you. You can look at your higher self as being the same as Pinocchio’s – Jiminy Cricket.

But then there is this mysterious idea of the Higher-Self merely put most of your understanding or at least intuit in that the so-called Higher self – well its relatively non-physical.

Even more simply put you could say that there is a vibrational frequency just above physical reality, just beyond physical reality in which resides what you might refer to as a template for physical reality or upon which you construct your physical experience.

It is in that template level just beyond the physical threshold that the Higher-Self exists. Now please do not confuse the idea of Higher-Self is your Over Soul as that is something different

Higher Self is a specific idea that is like a version of the person you are in physical reality, but a version that has a broader perspective a broader point of view.

There is a ‘non-physical’ higher extension of yourself that is your higher-self. Yes, you can talk to it, have a conversation with it; but remember it is you.

Connecting with your higher-self is similar to building muscles. You have to start where you are, and you can’t force the results. You’ll get there when you get there.

Ideally, your physical body will need to be in good shape. A relatively healthy organization rested and fed a natural, whole diet. Next, you need to quiet the chatter of the physical mind. You can do this by either sitting still and breathing or doing something creative like drawing or automatic writing.

What you are doing here is strengthening the connection between the physical mind and the higher-self. Once you are in tune with this higher-self, you will be directed to exactly where you need to be. All you have to do is get out of your own way.

Aligning with your higher self involves quieting your mind and listening for higher mind consciousness. When quiet, talk with your higher self, not out loud, but within.


I do not contact my higher self, I step into oneness and allow my greater being to express through me.

The higher self exists as pure awareness. Meaning it is without opinions and judgments, it merely experiences through you but it is you. Opinions and judgments are a human condition created by separate selves, perception lenses that are like wearing layers and layers of sun glasses. And the more glasses we have on, the more black and white our vision becomes.

To experience the higher self, we must realize and accept that the higher self isn't something we contact, it is something we step into oneness with, the connection is experienced.

Do you see the difference? Along our spiritual journeys, we all enter a stage where we perceive the higher self as being separate from ourselves.

Where in reality, we are the higher self experiencing what it is like to be human. So, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. However, we build a perception lens that thinks we are human trying to have a spiritual experience.

It can take some time to understand the reality of that statement and where the illusion arose.

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