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How to Do the Emotion Code Yourself

First go to the app store OR playstore and get the FREE app EMOTION CODE

So, first you need to get YES/NO signals from your Higher Self

So for example if you have pain in your back (for example) ask Higher Self how many trapped emotions are you prepared to release today in my back? Ask is it under 10 or over 10, then start from 1, 2, 3,4,5, etc This will only be a measured response as if it did too much too soon, it could send you into a healing crisis.

Regularly is THE key here but also being very specific helps enormously. So, additionally ask things like are their Inherited, Ancestral, Karmic, hidden, secret trapped emotions and wait for yes/no signal.

Ask HS do you need me to know what the trapped emotion is about? Sometimes you don't need to know and can save yourself fair amount of time? If yes, then go through and dowse for the age when it happened.

Most of the time HS and subconscious mind want to bring back a memory that may have been painful or even traumatic BEFORE it will release it. So you need to dowse for the AGE this happened to get the memory/idea of what trapped emotions with the keyword happened

Now assuming you have downloaded the app 'emotion code' ask is it in column A wait or column B

Then ask it is an odd row OR is it an even row. Then go to odd row and ask is it row 1,3,5,etc

If even row ask is it 2,4,6. Once you have the subsection identified go to each KEYWORD and ask which is it. Then ask do you need to know the age or will HS release it.

If yes, then ask at what age this happened? A process of elimination like between 15-20 or 20-25, and just keep going until you find the approximate age

Next, ask how many swipes do you want me to do to clear these trapped emotions

Then swipe, over the governing meridian, from chin front of face to back of head.

You can go back (not always necessary though) and ask if it/they have been cleared

If you want the FREE pdf book on emotion code pls email us. think you may even get the book free from app store as well.

another method is by using a pendulum my in my opinion is not as reliable as full body movements. You can move a pendulum with our mind telekenetically

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