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Whilst listening to an audio book by Garnet Schulhauser called Dancing Forever with Spirit; Astonishing Insights from Heaven, I got to a point in chapter 4 where Albert (his spirit guide) Garnets took him (astral body) to the hall of records, incidentally, where I myself have been a few times in my early days of development. Albert took Garnet to a ‘viewing room’ where he played back certain snippets of his earlier life (this life), the first one being in seventh grade in school. He had an overweight friend, whom he poked fun at inadvertently, but he heard and felt how that remark was received and this is how we all re-experience things in a life review.

How our words, actions, deeds affect other people in our personal play called life. You can hear and feel how the other person/s reacted, felt and thought, the good the bad and the ugly. Now this audio also refers to dogs, cats, animals, how they react to our responses. Even unacknowledging your pet when you come home from work – has consequences, upsets and feelings of being unloved. Garnet also mentioned that Albert advised him that we all have had previous incarnations as pets and this would be revealed once home, spirit side. However, my Higher Self has given me contradictory information on pets in earlier chapters, so make your own decision.

Now this turned into an exercise for me on empathy and my Higher Self/Jenny as regards to body sensitivity. As I experienced this anguish, emotional upset, tears started rolling down my face. Knowing this was Jenny asked her to ‘take it off me’ so I could regain my equilibrium. This was in part for me to learn to control these almost intense emotions so I don’t get overwhelmed once I start public speaking.

If I can equate how I experienced this is like watching a movie when someone was really badly hurt emotionally, our feelings are aroused and sympathy and empathy come forward, now times this by 100, should give you the idea and sensation of what my body and I experienced in this lesson.

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