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Listening to your Body & Illness

I think we are all guilty at some point of ignoring signs/symptoms and 'soldering on' in the hope that ignoring it, it will go away. Even when we know something is 'not quite right' it takes time to get our full attention, to the point where we either take painkillers or go visit a GP. We have all heard the expression, "Sick to your stomach" or someone's a pain in the neck and you literally get a pain in your neck. No coincidences then.

Just recently I had a bout of migraine with vomiting which has never happened before and it's been years since I had migraine and never had vomiting symptoms. This one was particularly unpleasant as I was dehydrating fast and couldn't keep boiled water down.

I had been waking up with headaches, brain fog and lack of co-ordination which wore off fairly quickly for weeks. So, I knew something wasn't quite right but couldn't put my finger on what it was. The headaches got really bad at bedtime, one night, so took some Tramdol, in fact I ended up taking three that night and it never touched the sides. The next day felt very nauseous and starting vomiting and had a high temperanture. That same night spoke to an 'out of hours GP' and a neighbour took me there. I was given some medicine to stop me vomiting which was placed on my gumline above my teeth to slowly dissolve. High temperature suggested a virus or bug.

Now, few days later had a conversation with Higher Self about this incident and although it wasn't HS causing/creating this situation (which was quite plausible) it was in fact my body screaming out.

Just before this, I had started listening and displaying the Subtle energy signatures which emit quantum frequencies from electronic devices like PC, mobiles and tablets and you can print them off and put them under your mattress, in your fridge, sit on them and even the prints give off a signature. So, I had literally OD on these that my body could not adjust as it was bombarded and overloaded with these things. OMG do they work - yes they do, but I also think they were the trigger for this migraine

But fair warning, if you are psychic and/or sensitive, empath or healer my advice go slow. The company suggest amplifying these by opening more silent mp3 and pics on PC and to get a full effect. Well my poor body just couldn't cope with it all and just 'threw a wobbler.' Well that was teaching me a lesson for sure. Bit weird to think your body has its own consciousness but felt it to be true nonetheless

If you want to explore these

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