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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Think of me like a telephone exchange, nine times out of ten I can get your spirit loved one you want to connect to. I have over twenty years experience as an English spiritual "evidential medium"

What this means I will give you evidence of survival of life after death, this mostly involves memory links quite often back to your childhood.

Spirit give us the memories that they think you 'should have' and most times you do, sometimes you don't. You may be asked to check with a family member about some evidence

please go to Services page and paypal button

There is only one simple proviso here: Please don't feed the medium

We understand you want to talk about your loved ones but please don't as this make them and us work twice as heard.

If there is a back story from some evidence once given, yes feel free to talk about it. But please don't offer up background information of character and/or illnesses as we may well have wanted to give you that as evidence.

All readings are done on Zoom, recorded and sent to you, if we can get the file size small enough. Otherwise, we may give you a link to download from google drive.

Two other things worth mentioning is Roman Catholic people are indoctrinated from childhood believing it to be bad to talk to deceased loved ones (even though Jesus was a Medium and had all the clairs imaginable and probably much more) and may either not come in or be very shy. In most cases once they realise this is possible, they do have to eat a little humble pie. Also, if they were very shy when in the body they don't suddenly become an extrovert and may have some difficulty coming forward

Lastly, those who have been in spirit a long time 25-30 years or more could be that they have been reincarnated to continue their own spiritual development, in which as the soul will have gone "dormant."

Now most spirit guides will not go any further. I do not work with spirit guides, as I've outgrown them and have fully integrated my Higher Self (in readiness for my Ascension), who functions and acts as my guide, best friend and confidante.

My Higher self will approach a dormant soul and 'nudge' saying a relative, friend wants some evidence and they can give limited amount of information or limited permission to access their Akashic record.

If you go to the services page, there is a paypal button for payments in sterling GBP

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