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Non Player Characters or Backdrop People

Updated: Feb 25, 2023


There seems to be a massive buzz going around at minute and having watched and read about it, thought I would bring my Higher Self’s perspective about what they are. Megan Rose and her ET contact Val Nek suggested that approximately 75% of humans on earth are currently NPC, which even Megan was shocked at, so she did a follow up video as there was a big reaction to this.

Dolores Cannon hypnotherapist regressionist also talked about ‘backdrop people’ and they all had same attributes, in her book Convoluted Universe book 4. There are plenty of her Youtube video’s mentioning this. Also, she states that the theatre where she was talking from was a group creating the building as they were collectively creating it energetically. We come to earth to learn how to create. Dolores states NPC are just holographic energy, like on star trek. These are all characters in our own movies, they can evolve somewhat but it’s all about our evolution and progression.

So, it seems there are a variety of different ‘types’ of NPC some holographic some physically real but without a soul, living off DNA and their parents genes. Scientists are only now coming to realise that DNA can hold massive amounts of data and probably our lineage, ancestors and history.

As an Akashic reader with the Soul Realignment modality these NPC are negative souls, which are not connected to their Divine Soul Blueprint (source energy, God, Buddha, Allah which ever word works for you) their own blueprint of creation. They need to be around people to draw off some of their vital force energy to stay alive and exist. So, you would logically not find one being a hermit, living alone or secluded areas.

So, my Higher Self explains this to me along these lines; NPC are born of flesh and blood like everyone else, with DNA, genes from both parents, but they don’t have a ‘divine spark’ or Soul in them. So, they lack true empathy, sympathy and compassion.

However, a Soul *could* come into the body/vehicle at any point in time. Now, this could be viewed as a ‘walk in’ whereby the whole personality changes overnight and continues with the body but on a better path in service to others and connected to God. About 20% of the time this happens. The other percentage continue until physical death on DNA and programming from both parents.

Now these ‘life experiences’ of NPC and normal people are never wasted or lost as evolution is the name of the game. If you read some Michael Newton books, Journey of Soul, Destiny of the Soul or even Brian Weiss books, they can reveal life between lives, in the classroom if you will.

Dolores Cannon mentions that new earth souls can and do have ‘soul overlays’ to give the soul a feel and idea of how harsh it is on planet earth. Then the concept of multi verse comes in, whether holographic or flesh and blood it’s all for Souls Growth and Ascension. Perhaps we even create these NPC before birth, maybe some have ‘bit parts’ or even major roles in teaching us something to achieve soul growth.

There seems to be an ‘outbreak’ for want of a better word, of narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths and probably these are NPC’s in my opinion. But they do serve a purpose and we interact with them, they force us to learn and grow. We did not come here to watch a movie, read a book but to experience things first hand. So, without nasty people doing nasty things we would not have the experience or growth the Soul wanted or planned to learn about pre birth.

To cite an example of this, I know a person really well who lacks empathy and for the first half of their life up to around age 36 had a normal average life, we could say living out mother’s history and genes. From around this time his biological father’s DNA genes kick in and life becomes a massive struggle. Constant fighting, physically and mentally, he knows no peace or normal life. His health deteriorates massively with blood pressure and heart problems. I know this person to be a ‘negative soul’ (via Soul Realignment modality) who wouldn’t allow me to access his Akashic records to clear and remove some blockages. He was using and ‘emotional shell’ (which I removed) and light power imaging to mask who he really is. So, this could be all DNA, genes, history repeating and creating lessons for others with Soul’s (aka Higher Self)

Scientists are not discovering that what the called DNA junk can actually hold massive amounts of data. Quantum computers apparently, can now hold billions and trillions of data on the size of a postage stamp. So for me, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that a body can function and run off programming, DNA and genes.

Summary:- So for me whether NPC or normal human body/souls at all serves a purpose, for growth.

This article will be going into my book. It has been just over two years since I made entries and quite a lot of that information came whilst transiting Neptune was sextile my natal Mercury, for any budding astrologers.

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