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People Wanting to Develop Psychically

I was talking to a customer recently who was developing spiritually and her clairsentience and clairvoyance was developing, but was frustrated that the clairaudience was not working. We all seem to want what we don't have, I wish my clairvoyance was much clearer than it is but HS and I have a *workaround* but it is nonetheless my weakest faculty.

So, at this point got her to get full body movements with/from her Higher Self, then explained that if HS does not sanction this or anything for that matter, it simply wasn't going to happen. Once she had the connection, she asked and HS said nope, it was not sanctioning clairaudience for her and I connected directly to her HS and asked few questions on her behalf as well - being highly clairaudient

Everyone, can develop intuition, empathy and some psychic channels but to what extent or degree your Higher Self will have the last word/say on most if not all of these matters. You can sit in meditation and join development circles until you are blue in the face and nothing will happen unless your HS sanctions this.

We all reincarnated with Pre birth contracts & agreements and if it was not IN there that you would develop, then HS probably won't sanction or assist in your development. If fact if you persisit it may well close you down completely. I recall, when I first opened up and desperately wanted to Astral travel I would lie on the settee every day and go into deep trance, I did get some indication and it felt like an internal engine humming had switched on but just couldn't get out of the body.

watch my 4min video here

Wanting to develop psychically, (for me at least) was always about wanting to help other people to be of service to spirit world, giving evidence and messages. If you just want to develop to earn money again HS will have the last word.

I have seen many talented platform Mediums that were Clairsentient who did a marvellous job. Whatever, spirit passed over with, they can overlay on their body area and give them the sensations, feelings and conditions. Not only this but if they can SEE Clairvoyant as well is really a double bonus and blessing. They can sense there personalities, likes/dislikes, if they had a lot of pride, ego, wilfulness etc

So, again the most important I can advise anyone with their own spiritual growth and path is to connect to your Higher Self.

This is THE most important connection everyone can have, so cultivate it, work with it and build a rapport.

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