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The reason we feel separate from our greater being, our higher self, is because over many embodiments, we build self created illusions and perception filters that act as a barrier to experiencing the pure awareness of our greater beings. We build more and more perception filters, and adopt all sorts of illusions, to the point in which they begin to have a ‘mind’ of their own. We just start reacting and behaving certain ways, with opinions and judgments without ever stopping to ask, why?

Think about, how can one experience pure awareness if they already have preconceived images or ideas of what that awareness is or is not? It cannot happen this way.

So in order to step into oneness with the higher self, we need to start dissolving our self created illusions and perception filters to the point in which we become almost fully conscious, self-aware and in a state of constant self reflection. We let the ego crack!

From this newer vantage point we begin to recognize that the higher self isn't out there to be contacted, it is us but we have been looking at it through the filters we created over many life times. We are in separation from the higher self by choice, but we can choose oneness again if we want.

Start looking beyond duality, the opinions and judgments of self and others. Give up the illusions and find oneness within. There is nothing external that can complete us, we are already whole within ourselves.


Seek to quiet your mind. If you meditate, (or however way you choose to quiet your mind) first put out the intention to re-align with your Higher Self. The intention generates the attention to direct your inner focus. While you quiet your mind, remember the objective is to gently control the direction of the thoughts that are not aligned with who you really are; not eliminate them. As you get into a more peaceful state of mind, you will also enter a broader perspective and connect with your intuition (Higher Self).

Engage in some activity that relaxes you. This maybe listening to music, taking a walk in nature, painting or anything that relaxes your mind and raises your energetic vibration. There is a powerful grounding when you allow your creativity to just be. It will deepen your connection to your soul.

Journaling. This always helps in re-aligning with your Inner Being. Writing, subconsciously gets you in touch with yourself on a much deeper level. It frees you up to say and think whatever arises in your mind. Being honest with yourself creates a direct connection to your Inner Being. You start to see things differently and inspiration and intuition flow.

Express gratitude. Recognize that your Higher Self is authentic and exists in the Now. It appreciates who you are, and relishes each moment you live. Be thankful for all things in you, around you, with you, and all that belongs to you. There is tremendous grounding in remembering what you are already blessed with.

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