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Pets & Animals - End of Life Care

This is a recent conversation I had with my Higher Self regarding 'end of life care' for my darling little Bichon Frize - Merlin. Which I thought was interesting enough to share with you all.

Merlin in 16+years old with Cushings disease, practically blind, no teeth, going deaf, and has dementia and problems with bowels. Poor thing is urine incontinent while sleeeping which is a lot at his age.

I am being patient and waiting for the time he wants to leave me - and I know it's coming shortly.

So I asked some questions about ALL animals in general:-

Q Does someone come to collect these pets/animals or do they just know where to go when the die/transition pls?

A There are Guardians, Angels, animal Midwives that collect them. There are animal Midwives that are present at *every* birth and those that don't make, are taken home.

Q How do these Midwives know when it's time for a pet/animal to go home pls?

A There vibrational energy signature grows weaker, and it's name is *put on a checklist* for want of a better expression. At that point these specialists come and visit these animals in readiness for their transition. They are very dedicated, highly trained people and know exactly when to come.

Q Can they help their death/transition to be less painful or easy for them?

A yes, of course, they never want to see any animal suffer

Q When in the past a beloved Golden Retriver named, Mandy passed over, I still felt her prescence for days after, why was that pls?

A Pets/animals become very attached to their owners and they stay to comfort the grief, as it acts as a strong magnet. They may not always understand, but they do feel the strong emotions of grief and want to comfort you. Probably only those who are developed psychically would sense the animals around. They could have a dream of them, a smell of them, or even a welcome bark, just to let you know they are ok and have made it. Just would be similar to humans passing, a bit of reassurance.

This has been quite hard for me to relate and as I type this there are tears streaming down my face. I wanted to write this article for all those who have had lots pets and loved ones to show that wherever there is a love bond, it still exists after phsycal death.

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