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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

I am an ardent supporter of this concept. As a hypnotherapist regressionist more information, awareness and expansion of this concept is brought to me from my Higher Self. This information below is from another hypnotherapist Robert Schwartz.


1. Balancing and releasing karma, these are not the same thing. Balancing karma you planned /agreed to have a new experience that energetically offsets a previous experience. Releasing karma means healing the underlying tendency that created karma in the first place. If all you do is balance karma without also releasing it, you will keep recreating same karma over and over. Eg. Two people who had past life together where one was ill and one was a ‘care giver’ So, at the life review it may or may not feel a sense of completion around the care giving relationship. No one external is going to tell you what’s complete only you. The feeling of incompletion is the karma sets the scene for switching places in next life. Easiest thing to do is switch places.

2. Healing re: deafness and blindness. So, for example the lifetime prior to this as a child you heard a gun shot and your mother died and this traumatised you. So, this trauma now needs to be healed. In your pre birth planning sessions a guide may say, “Would you prefer to be born deaf, so no similar trauma can happen to you again, so you can complete your healing from this last lifetime?” In these planning stages are also about developing ‘divine virtues’ which there are a fair few, on average 2-3 but could be upto 4-5. Eg, like compassion

3. Service to others is always there in the pre birth planning in some form. This is a natural expression of source. In every interaction there is always an exchange, either receiving or giving

4. Desire to experience contrast. We are all come from is a realm of Unconditional love made from the Divine, unconditional Love but if all we do is stay there, we then experience No contrast to ourselves. Which in turn says we don’t fully appreciate who and what we are. We don’t understand what it means to be made from a being of unconditional love. We all come for the contrast. By the time you go home you understand much more deeply what unconditional love.

5. Correcting or healing false beliefs or false feelings about the self. So, this perspective is from the higher spiritual you picked up from one or many past lives. If you believe yourself to be (1) powerless, (2) unworthy or worthless. If you believe this to be true your Soul will feel this as discordant and wants to clear and heal those false beliefs. In planning stages, it may confirm false feelings draw or magnetise them to yourself as like attracts like, experiences that seem on surface to confirm these false beliefs/feelings. World is set up to mirror back to you, even if subconscious and set about healing it. This is to find out what lies within you so you can correct it

Source. from Robert Schwartz youtube and books.

To watch some of Rob's youtube video's on our forum pls use this link

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