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Starting Point for Soul Realignment

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

We first look if you are a positive or negative soul. We then see which Divine Blueprint group you belong to and there are EIGHT in total. The founder called these 'energy centres' as a way of categorising them, but you will not find any information on these on google as they were 'invented' by the founder as a way of describing 'soul blueprints'

Sometimes, you can have a second energy centre as well as primary. So these explain your basic gifts, skills and talents given to you from Source Energy/Creator/God/Allah (whichever word works for you) from inception

Category 1 is Divine compassion

Category 2 is Divine manifestation

Category 3 is Divine order

Category 4 is Divine love & healing

Category 5 is Divine communication

Category 6 is Divine truth

Category 7 is Divine power

Category 8 is Divine wisdom

Yes these are over simplified meanings and there is a lot involved, this is just the starting point of analysis.

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