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Updated: Nov 6, 2022

From the moment of your inception/birth, everything about you has been recorded in an archive known as the Akashic Records. Unbound by time and space, the Akashic Records exist as an energetic database that annotates who you are at soul level, starting with your divinely imprinted attributes and continuing with every thought, word, and action you have ever created in your past and present lives. As souls who inhabit a three-dimensional (physical) world and who navigate primarily by a fourth-dimensional mind (ego), our soul’s divine blueprint is a fifth-dimensional resource that remains largely untapped.

Disconnection with one's divine blueprint manifests as making choices that are incongruent with who we are at soul level, frequently leaving one feeling stuck, confused, frustrated, or defeated.

Discovering your soul story - the narrative of your personal Akashic Record - places you on the path to reconnection, drawing attention to your inherent abilities as well as blockages that you have created by previous choices - unhealthy patterns that will continue to repeat until they are recognized and released. With knowledge of your Soul Story, you become empowered to heal, replacing restrictive patterns with ones that build upon your divine gifts, leading you to express your highest potential in all facets of life.


• You (age 18+) • Your minor child (ages 4 months old – 17 years old) • An adult who is under your direct supervision (you are legally or financially responsible for them) • Divine Soul Blueprint information can be done for family members, but clearing work cannot be done on them • Live-in partners • A deceased loved one within 4 months after transition

This is the recommended first Reading that will begin your journey into learning your Soul’s Divine Nature, Divine Gift. You will learn how your Divine nature is expressed in this human experience. With that information, you will gain an understanding on how lack and unwanted experiences are attracted through past/present negative karmic patterns. The subtle body is then energetically cleared of the negative karma inviting new, healthy patterns to be made. It is after having an understanding of the negative karmic patterns that are playing out our in your life that we learn how to transform those patterns so you may grow to create a life of joy and abundance.

Information needed to perform reading:

  • Full Name at Birth

  • Current Full Name (if different from Birth name)

  • Date of Birth (month, day, year)

  • Place of Birth (city, state, country, etc)

  • What do you want to achieve within next six months?

You will receive:

  • 1 Hour Zoom Call to go over the reading and answer any questions you may have

  • 30 Minutes Follow-up Zoom Call 4 weeks later

  • 21-day homework clearing work for you to perform to help integrate changes. This is very simple and just involves RE confirming by reading out loud the clearings, removals of blockages and restrictions done on your behalf in your Akashic record.


When you would like your life and vocation to be an expression of your soul’s purpose, it can be disheartening when you can’t make that happen. Do any of these describe you?

  • You feel baffled because you don’t know what your innate gifts are.

  • You’re mystified because you feel like you know what your gifts are but haven’t figured out a way to share them in a context in which you can really shine.

  • You’re ambivalent about how to express your gifts and talents in your own unique way that you’re passionate about.

  • You feel pulled in many different directions because you have a variety of interests and don’t know where to focus your time and energy.

  • You know you have intuitive or healing gifts but you’re afraid or hesitant to share them for fear of being judged.

Your soul contains infinite wisdom that, once revealed, can shed light on the areas of your life that keep you feeling stuck. Your soul's Akashic Record is your gateway into accessing your soul-level wisdom that will begin to provide the answers and direction you seek, clear confusion, and heal your pain.



It's not a one-size fits all approach. Are you curious about why some methods work for some people to accomplish their goals, but they don’t work for others? You are uniquely designed to achieve your goals.

Our souls have a Manifesting Blueprint which can be discovered through our Akashic Record. It tells us how we’re designed to manifest the outcomes we desire for our lives. It’s not a one-size-fits-all blueprint. It’s unique to each of us.

We can use this information to help us more easily accomplish a goal or vision for our lives because:

· It provides guidance to us on how to create effective intentions and action steps that align with how our soul is designed.

· We can also use it to identify where we’re not aligned with our Blueprint and then make adjustments where we’re not.

This modality RE aligns you back to your blueprint of creation, so you can live the fullest life, expressing your natural gifts and living a life of abundance and fulfilment. It can change AND affect every area of your life.

What You Will Discover

*Your Soul Group of Origin *Your Divine Nature and Blueprint from inception *The Category/Energy Centre/s you are expressing

*Spheres of protection, white lights and blue lights *Your Spirit Guide Team including any negative guides *Your blocks and restrictions, everything from Vows, Contracts, Bargains, Constraints etc *Your negative unjustified Karmic patterns

*Your negative etheric implants

*Your negative or incomplete astral travel

*Any attaching or earthbound souls *Your Soul Story


Your Soul holds the keys

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