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The Soul's Story

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

This is about finding the blocks and restrictions from past lives in your Akashic and present life

Healing your past can actually change your future, by identifying patterns from a past life, you may well see a similar pattern in this life.

There could be negative bargains, intentions, constraints. There could be attaching Souls drawing from your vital life force energy. There could also be earthbound Souls either independent OR disruptive drawing off your vital force energy.

Independent negative thought forms and compassionate connections with people. Anything from Soul contracts to Vows

Explained is your original blueprint categorised between 1-8 and the soul group you were birthed into.

Whether you actually stayed there or moved onto anther group. You will identify with some of these traits from these group as it's bit like saying where you went to school, college and/or university.

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