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Understanding your Core Self/Blueprint £99

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Soul Realignment works in the Akashic records. It goes back to your inception from Source Energy/Creator/God. It describes your gifts/skills/natural talents given to you by creator.

It explains what soul group you were *birthed into* but also explains if you went to another star system and took on their values/traits. It's bit like me saying I was born in England but we moved to Spain as a baby and now can only speak Spanish and have little or no identity with England.

This modality RE aligns you back to your blueprint of creation, so you can live the fullest life, expressing your natural gifts and living a life of abundance and fulfilment. It can change AND affect every area of your life.

There is a *soul story* that explains what choices you made in a past life and that are most likely still affecting you now. There can be Vows, contracts, compassionate connections, negative unjustified karma, bargains and constraints. Blocks and restrictions can be seen, explained and removed to RE align you back to the your highest and best expression of who you were created and meant to be. There can be attaching souls and even earthbound; soul loss, which ALL can be rectified with this RE alignment session

There is comprehensive insight into mental and emotional matters that could have plagued you for lifetimes and may still be affecting you (unconsciously) now from leading the life you want and deserve.

Of course, all this takes time and half of what is necessary is in the preparation and delving into your Akashic record on your behalf. Plus one hour recorded presentation on Zoom (or similar) and a copy sent to you.

Then a follow up four weeks later to see how things have changed to see how you got along with the homework. What new choices and decisions you have made.

If there are misalignments in your life Soul Realignment will find them in your Akashic records. You can then adjust your actions and choices more in line with your Divine Blueprint to create abetter more fulfilling life.

Are you a conscious creator or do you blame others for the way your life has turned out? Life is all about choices and actions and if you knew how Creator birthed you into life with your blueprint you can live a more successful, abundance life more aligned with who you were meant to be and do.

By making new, better and most positive choices YOU can change your life and an Akashic reading is like a ROADMAP for assistance

At this point we can do a 'house clearing' for you as you may well have changed (energetically) you may feel MISS aligned with your current home and could be thinking of a house move due to this.

What You Will Discover

*Your Soul Group of Origin *Your Divine Nature and Blueprint from inception *The Category/Energy Centre/s you are expressing

*Spheres of protection, white lights and blue lights *Your Spirit Guide Team including any negative guides *Your blocks and restrictions, everything from Vows, Contracts, Bargains, Constraints etc *Your negative unjustified Karmic patterns

*Your negative etheric implants

*Your negative or incomplete astral travel

*Any attaching or earthbound souls *Your Soul Story

There will be simple homework for you to read once a day for 21 days. This is so the clearings and blockage removals have maximum effect in your life. If there is any Soul Loss (rather common) you will be asked to watch a 2minute video once a day for 7 days.

To read more about the Akashic click here

Information needed to perform reading:

  • Full Name at Birth

  • Current Full Name (if different from Birth name)

  • Date of Birth (month, day, year)

  • Place of Birth (city, state, country, etc)

  • What specific new circumstances do you want to create in your life within next six months?

Please go to Services and use the paypal button for payment £75

We are very confident once you check out our competitors that you will come back here. We are beginners, but extremely diligent and hard working to provide the best service possible. Our prices will go up in time as this is an Introductory offer price only

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