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The journey, the test is always from *head to heart* an inward journey to discover who we are, where we came from, what we are doing. All universal questions, we all ask ourselves at some point in time. If you go a little further on your spiritual journey, you may find ideas to RE program your subconscious mind to make real changes in your life. You may be advised to try *inner child work,* hypnotherapy and a myriad of all sorts of ‘alternative’ matters.

You may decide you want to ask and connect to your guides, angels and that is fine there is no right or wrong here. But by asking this you are asking for something ‘external’ of you to connect with you. Funnily enough your Higher Self will play along and HS loves and adores you and only wants you to feel happy, loved and fulfilled. It (HS) will find you a Native American guides if this fits your ideas/images OR HS could fulfil this role and pretend to be your guide. Guides and helpers also need to ‘learn’ how to develop psychics and mediums so there is an important exchange happening and I’m not trying to dissuade you from asking. But guides, helpers and angels are not ‘your source’ for this is internal, like a rough diamond, just waiting for you to discover the hidden gem on your journey.

The real journey is to connect to source energy/God from whence we all came from and will ultimately return to. Your Higher Self is from source/God and has one foot in spirit/universal energy/dimensions and one foot in your body. If you hurt so does your HS, if you are happy so is HS it’s that simple.

When I was first opening up and would occasionally get very upset over something, HS literally put me to sleep on the settee within 5mins and made me sleep for 2hrs to calm me down. This is tiny bit of power HS has in your life. Absolutely nothing gets past HS, HS approves everything that happens, any and all connections to guides, spirit, Archangels etc.

So, you cannot ALIGN with source energy by thinking it is something external of you, you have a GOD spark inside of you, called HS and this is what alignment means. Not connecting to guides, angels or anything else. The journey is always inward and the way HS communications is through your solar plexus/tummy the seat of your emotions. It gives you words, songs you cannot get out of your head, ideas, thoughts, feelings. We have all said to ourselves at some point, “I have a bad feeling about him/her or a situation” we call this gut instinct, intuition, psychic awareness, but in reality it’s your HS wanting to help and connect. It’s not hard or rocket science to connect and align with source. You do it, even without thinking every day.

Only today I lost my reading glasses, looked everywhere obvious and nothing. So, I asked HS, standing in my lounge I asked, “Are they in this room?” nope, “are they in my bedroom?” yes. I had just stripped my bed linen for washing, so looked all over the floor and still couldn’t find them.

They were in the middle of a folded over duvet, just where HS lead me.

HS will not foretell you future, no matter how much you ask as the response (if you could hear it) would be, “well if you about to sit and exam, but knew all the answers, what would the point be of sitting the exam.”

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