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When things start to go wrong in our life, this can be a blessing. This is a sign that you need to change direction, go a different way, try something new, start something new. It's not a time to keep "flogging a dead horse"

The problem is when we talk about relationships for example, we have this belief or attitude that, "If we try harder, longer, better" things will work out. Then we try to, "give in, compromise and acquiesce" things will surely run more smoothly. Sometimes, they do but most of the time they don't. Why is this?

We are all born with pre birth contracts and agreements, this is how it works on earth in 3D. So, ALL of the main ingredients are chosen and decided before incarnating. Now unfortunately, the most painful of lessons, offers us the most amount of Soul growth. This IS the name of the game, soul growth. We didn't come here to watch a movie of our life, we didn't come here to read a book about our life, we came here to experience this First Hand.

Many would ask, "Why did we choose such a difficult life, with so many obstacles pain or suffering even." Until we experience every facet, upside down, inside out, how our body responds, our emotions, beliefs and childhood conditioning is tested, sometime 'beyond belief' we cannot become or say, "Ah I know all about that experience" Now quite a lot of people can and do offer counselling and empathy towards others in a similar situation. By offering this we take the role of 'being of service'. Why is this so important.

According to Dolores Cannon famous hypnotherapist regressionist (RIP) with her system of QHHT (quantum hypnosis healing therapy) every time she asked a clients *Life Purpose* the same answer came back time and time again. Your life purpose is to be of 'Service to others'. end of.....

So, if you were playing a chess game now, how could you plan and orchestrate situations where you can be of service? I'm sure you can see where I'm gong with this. Your Higher Self and guides/angels are always helping, nudging, guiding you in the right direction. Yes, we all have free will but if you get too far off track, go in the wrong direction - what happens. Well Higher Self being the loving parent/guide/teacher will find a way to stop you make you think, give you signs. What signs?

Examples of signs:

  • It could make you ill - if you need to rest more. Resting gives you more 'thinking time'

  • It could bring a complete stranger to you, just because you need to hear somethign they have to say

  • It could give you the feeling in your solar plexus that things are 'not quite right' nagging feelings that just won't go away

  • It could give you a dream of a better future, a new direction, that inspires and uplifts you

  • You could get a reading from a psyhic, or a psychic group offering free readings like ours (Free Psychic Readings & Development) on FB

  • You could start seeing repeating numbers, my favourite is my digit microwave, clocks and even time on your mobile phone. If it keeps reapeating, go look it up what it means on the internet

  • You could start seeing feathers, float in front of you, on the path or even in your house.

  • You could see a bird on the windowsill just staring at you or pecking the glass window, trying to get your attention. Spirit will have orchestrated this

Unfortunately, a lot of us can be quite stubborn in what we want to achive and have convinced ourselves, or worse, this must be my life purpose as its the only thing that makes sense or is going to make me happy. The only thing that 'fires me up' gets you excited about life, fills you with pleasure, satisfaction and love

Becoming aware of your inner voice, gut instincts and intuition is the first step in changing your life. This is how your Higher Self speaks with you but no one ever explained this from childhood, schools or society. Then we may well fight against these feelings and signs and think - we know best.

So, what next. Having recently qualified in QHHT my first cleint, a friend in US was taken on a journey briefly to a past life, then into spirit and then the Higher Self was called forward. She gave me a list of questions, which I asked. One was about migraine and the response came back, "She's not listening" to what I asked? To me, so I negotiated a bit and asked HS to stop this behavoiur but if she didn't listen in the future to 'bring it back' To which it agreed.

Next, was a slipped disc in her back. I asked what was the cause and could it give some healing to correct it. The answer again was, "to slow her down, make her listen" Well I never had a slipped disc, but can imagine it to be rather painful. So again HS was giving her signs, to which she was ignoring them, until ultimately it turned to more and more drastic measures.

So, the moral of this story is when illness strikes, *think* what are you not listening to or paying attention to that you should. Sometimes, we can stay in loveless relationships for money, security or afraid of being alone. But in this situation, HS could make them quite ill until they 'face upto reality' change path, go a different direction.

In a career scenario, you could keep applying for things, go to interviews, but never get the job of your dreams. Now you can easily give yourself a lot of negative self talk here. Like, 'nothing ever goes my way' or always the bridesmaid never the bride. You keep getting doors shut in your face. Choices here would be either keep trying and pushing, living in frustration or ask yourself, is there a better way. Ask your HS "Is there a better way" or give me a sign that I'm on the right track and should be doing this?

Entraprenaurs fail 9 times out of 10 before they get a 'breakthrough' and sometimes dogged persistance is the Lesson you were required/needing to learn. Negative beliefs and negative self talk are so damaging, learn to 'catch yourself out' police and monitor your thoughts. when you do hear something negative (in your head), change it immediately with the opposite or try positive affirmations. You should again ask HS if this is your purpose and life path, "Give me a sign" please.

Next, watch for synchronicities, when things just simply 'fall into place' doors open, you meet the right people at the right time. Life just seems so easy, flowing. Then practice the attitude of gratitude, acknowledge your good fortune, good luck. Thank your Higher Self, guides, angels and Source Energy (God, Allah or whatever word works for you)

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